Why  feed Silkworms?

Silkworms are proving to be one of the healthier choices for an insect feeder.  Variety is always best when choosing a healthy diet for your favorite insect eating pet.  Silkworms can be a big part of that choice.  They are low in chitin. Chitin is the outside undigestable hard shell that most insects have.  There 's no danger of impaction when you feed these to your baby Bearded Dragon. They have a higher  percentage of  protein and are low in fat.  Silkworms have a lower percentage of phosphorous allowing your pet to absorb more calcium.  They don't crawl away or infest your home. They don't smell and don't make noise.  Silkworms do not need a lot of space and only minimal care.
Even picky eaters like silkworms!


50 - $5.00 - packed in one cup
100 - $9.00 - packed in one cup
NEW!     250 -$16.00 - packed in one cup     N
      500 - $25.00 - packed in one plastic box
                                         1000 - $40.00 - packed in two plastic boxes  LIMITED AVAILABILITY!

Dry Chow - 4oz. (makes 1 pound) - $5.00
Dry Chow - 8 0z. (makes 2 pounds) - $10.00

SILKWORMS and chow are available for PICK UP ONLY .
No shipping at this time. Sorry!

You may pick up your order at the  MICHIGAN REPTILE SHOW in Taylor Mich!
The shows are held the second Saturday of each Month.

Next show dates are:

November 11, 2006
December 9th,2006

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 You may pick  up silkies directly from me.
I am located in South Eastern Michigan.
Contact me at to make special arrangements!