Silkworms are fairly easy to care for if you follow a few simple instructions. Handle them as little as possible and always wash your hands first. This keeps stress and bacteria exposure to a minimum. Keep your worms warm, about 75 to 85 degrees. Do NOT refrigerate your silkworms, it will kill them. They do not need a lot of space or any substrate in their container, just enough room to be able to spread out.  I found that a small well ventilated sterilite tub or any clear plastic container works well. Be sure to either screen in the top or drill tiny  1/16th inch size holes in the lid and upper sides of the tub for ventilation.

Feed daily, but only what they can eat, allowing all food to dry out before the next feeding. Silkworms are very susceptible to mold. By allowing their food and pooh to dry out it keeps the mold out of their container. I found this to be the biggest problem I've had in keeping healthy silkworms.  To feed the silkworms, just grate the chow with an inexpensive cheese grater directly over the top of the worms.  Silkworms do eat Mulberry leaves if you do not wish to use chow.  If you do start using leaves you should be aware that it is very difficult, though not impossible, to get them to eat the chow again. Be sure to wash and dry your leave before feeding them to your silkworms.

To clean the containers simply lift the worms up by the silk net that they put down on the bottom of the container or remove them one at a time.  Place them on newspaper or paper towel and wash the tub out with soap and water. After it is completely dry you may place your worms back in their tub.  I haven't tried this yet but some people are lining their tubs with a rigid plastic screen found at craft stores.  They lift out the grate with the worms on top and the pooh is left in the bottom!


To prepare chow use a one  quart dish for one pound of chow and a two quart dish for two pounds of food.
Mix a 4oz packet of dry food with 1 1/2 cups of water. (makes 1 pound)
Mix a 8oz packet dry food with 3 cups of water. (makes 2 pounds)

1) Stir together dry chow with water in a microwave safe bowl.
2) Heat in microwave on high for 2 minutes.* Chow will bubble up.
3) Stir hot chow till well blended.
4) Heat in microwave again on high for 2 minutes.*
5) Stir hot chow again till well blended. It should now have the consistency of runny mud.
6) Place plastic wrap on chow touching the chows surface.
7) Leave on counter to set and cool.
8) Once cooled,  it should have the consistency of cheese. Place an air tight lid on the container and
     store in the refrigerator. It will keep for one or two months!

* Microwaves differ in cooking intensity. You may need to either add or subtract a minute or two to get it to cook right.