Here are some of my current breeders:


Full Name: Jeweled Sunrise
Hypo-pastel orange X super orange (het for Hypo-pastel clear nails)
hatch date: 12-18-03
weight: 500grams
length:20 inches (as of 4-8-05)
Jewel is my first Dragon. She was purchased directly from Rob Misiewicz who specializes in hypo-pastel dragons.
When cold and basking she is a dark rust orange and true red with tiger stripes. When fired up she turns bright orange and red/orange and is almost patternless.
Below are pictures of her as a hatchling through today:

                             This is Jewel with  her brother at  7-8 weeks.                                                        3 months old and turning more Red/Orange!
                                             Jewel is on the right.                                                               
                                     Photo courtesy  of Rob Misiewicz

                           This is Jewel around 5-6months right after she shed out her back.                                        Color comparison at 14 months old .
                                     Look at that red and she isn't even fired up!

                                              Mom: orange Hypo - Pastel                                                           Dad: Super  - Orange      
                                                    Photo: courtesy of Rob Misiewicz                                                                Photo: courtesy of Rob Misiewicz


Full Name: Blazing Sunset
Red Flame X Yellow Sandfire bred by Dragons by Nature

Hatch Date: Approximately Oct/Nov of 2003
weight: 626.5 grams (as of 1-5-06)
length: 22 inches
Blaze was bred by Dragons by Nature. His parents are "Ceasar", a huge Red Flame male, and "Pumpkin" a Yellow Sandfire. Both of  his parents have been purchased by "Sunshine Dragons". Blaze started off as a very intensely colored hatchling, gaining a great deal of red as he grew. At about 12 months of age he lost most of that red and is as I have him pictured now. He is the type of dragon that shows his best colors at night. Where he use to be extreme red he now shows an all over cream and yellow with a light orange stripe on his back. Very sweet temperament but an aggressive courter!

baby blaze
blaze juvie
red blaze
                     Blaze as a hatchling                                                            Day time colors                                                 Night time colors
          Photo published with permission by Ryan Hill                                                                                                                 See th RED!

Blaze chin

                                                                                    Blaze is very light colored only when he sleeps

Blaze's Dad CEASAR
Pictures are owned by Dragons by Nature
and are published with permission from Brandon

Blaze's Mom PUMPKIN
Pictures are owned by Dragons by Nature
and are published  with permission from Brandon


Full name: Flame Thrower
Red x Orange X Lemon Pastel
Hatch date: fall 2002
weight: 385 grams
length: 18 inches

Flame was purchased from a local breeder in Florida. His grandparents were red (Bert and Hester Langerwerf "Agama Internaional") , dad an orange and mom a lemon pastel also from another local breeder in Florida. He is the "snuggler" in my group of dragons. Always wanting to get as close to me as possible. Very friendly , very courteous when sharing meals with females, always taking turns, but is a very aggressive breeder. He glows a bright citrus yellow with a light red orange flame on his back and ears when fired up. When cool he darkens down to a rusty orange with a darker red flame on his back and ears.

not fired up
Flame on couch
Flames house
             Flame when cool                                                                                                                                                                                       Flames house



Full name: Sandstone
?Normal? unknown
Hatch Date: fall 2002
weight: 450 grams
length: 17"

For a normal dragon Sandy is a pretty girl. She has light peach coloration on her head and arms. Her back is cream and tan with blue bars. When she is dark or fires up she blends nicely with the sand in her encloser. As can be seen by her weight she is quite the piggy but is also a very non aggressive dragon.



                                           Sandy loves her necklace!                           Laying eggs on 9-14-05
                             Necklace made by Obsession Dragons



Full name: Talented Talon
Marketed Leucistic X Dachiu Red ( hypomelanistic with clear nails)
Hatch date: 4-14-05
weight: 570 grams
length: 19 inches
Plus there is a 1 inch nip making him actually20 inches

Purchased from "My Bearded Dragons" as a hatchling, Talon is a great example of what a hypopastel dragon should be. His dad is "My Bearded Dragons" leucistic, Curley, and his mom is a Dachiu hypo red.  His back fluctuates between a very bright patternless light orange to a darker orange as shown in the picture above. His head and forearms are always a constant yellow. He is what I would call a very hyper dragon and is nervous around strangers. Around me however,  he is always calm and easily handled. He is still young and is calming down more and more as he gets older. At 7 months old he discovered that there are girls in the world. He now blackens his beard and is doing his best to court his new "love", Jewel.  When he is older expect to see a pairing between Talon and Jewel!

Talon chinweb
                                                                           Clear nails!                                                        Talon  through the glass of his aquarium

Talon no flash
Talon couch
These pictures were taken 3-15-06

                                                Talon as a hatchling                          Curley - Talons Dad
                                      Photo published with permission        Photo published with permission
                                                   of  Len Ricco                                      of Len Ricco


Full name: Luscious Ruby
(citrus x intense orange) Super Orange X Red
Hatch Date: March 2005
weight: 352 grams
length: 16.5 inches

Ruby was purchased from a small breeder from Pennsylvania who only sells at a couple of local shows. I didn't acquire her till she was 5 months old and even though she was the same size as the rest of the females her age being sold she seemed small but healthy to me and her deep red color was outstanding so I couldn't resist. Since I have had her,  I've exposed her to the Power Sun bulbs 16 hours a day and have been stuffing her with silkworms and crickets. She has more then tripled her weight and length as of  Dec 2005 and is in constant shed. With each shed she continues to get a richer red color then goes right back into shed again.  In all the pictures I have of her she seems to always be going into or about to shed. She was very well socialized when I got her and still remains a sweetheart today! When she matures expect to see a pairing between her and Flame.

Ruby chin
Ruby in full shed

                                                                                                                                                                   Ruby in full shed


Full Name: Gem Fire
Red/Orange x Lemon Pastel  X Unknown/normal?
Hatch Date: 11/10 - 11/12/05
weight:  grams
length:  inches

  She is the biggest hatchling from my Flame X Sandy breeding. Very sweet affectionate girl. She wasn't the most colorful but she won our hearts so she is here to stay! Her size, genetics and sweet attitude should be able to add alot to future breeding  projects but for now she will just be spoiled till she grows up! Parents are pictured above.

gem baby
                                                                                                       picture taken 1-22-06


Full Name: Sparkling Jewel
Marketed Leusitic x Hypo Red -(Hypo Pastel clear nails) X Hypo Pastel clear nailed Orange x Super Orange ("Het" Hypo Pastel)
Hatch Date:6-3/11-06
weight: 477.5 grams (as of 1-17-07)
length: 19.5 inches

Sparky is a Jewel X Talon Breeding. He was the largest and most colorful of all the Hypo's produced by this pairing. He is only 7 and 1/2 months old in this picture! He has a great attitude and will make an excellent pet and breeder!
  Parents are pictured above.