These are some of my customers pictures of dragons adopted from JewelsDragons.


These are some pics from Chrissy. This is who used to be #11 (Flame X Sandy). He sure is enjoying his new home!
#5owned by Chrissy
from the top

This is "Spike" aka #19 Flame X Sandy owned by  Kelsey. Looks like he just had his bath...


Here is "Sunny" Dee's dragons!  aka #8 Flame X Sandy clutch Nov. 2005
He seems to be turning into a nice red orange tiger!

Sunny Dee's
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Here is Ekidna aka #21 another of Dee's dragons!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ekidna is also a  Flame x Sandy baby!

This is Tere's "Helios/Helia"!  ...... aka #1 Flame X Sandy Nov 2005
This baby can't make up its mind if it is a boy or a girl!

This is" Amber" ( Greenie) and "Rowdy" (Greenie) aka #15.
Amber is on the left. She comes from unrelated stock to Rowdy who is a Flame X Sandy baby. .
These beauties are both owned by Karen  who plans to breed them when they are old enough
Watch comes the Greenies!
Amber and Rowdy

This is "Spike" aka #17 Flame X Sandy owned by Jennifer! What a great for a king!
Jennifer reports that Spike has shed since these photo's and is a lot more orange and red now.
Good job Jennifer!
big eater
noble Spike

This is Jim's "Ozzy" aka #25  another Flame X Sandy baby.
He sure resembles a king looking over his world sitting on his ledge like that.

This is Darci and Dayna's "Godzilla" formally Flame X Sandys #2.  He has gotten so big he is ready for a new bigger cage!
He kinda looks like Godzilla tearing up the desert in his picture too.

This is Raquaza, a Talon X Jewel Hypo Pastel clear nailed baby! Jane, Kevin and Justin are his new adopted family. They make these beautiful cages and are located in Michigan!
Feel free to contact them through their email address I have posted with their permission to get your custom cage built just for your dragon!
Here is their e-mail address:

raquaza raquaza

This is Daisy . Her parents were Flame and Sandy but its pretty obvious that she loves her new adoptive parents Jared and Niclole too.
She sure looks pretty happy and spoiled to me!